Color Theory for Startups


One of the questions I get asked the most by aspiring designers is “how do you pick colors?”.

This is an important question. Picking the right color can make or break a design. And unlike Helvetica for fonts, there is no “standard” color you can fall back on.

So to help non-designers figure this out, I wrote up a short eBook on picking color for startups. Other than selling it as part of an AppSumo deal, I’ve never made this eBook available anywhere before.

10 Startups, 10 Colors

Inside this guide, I take a look at 10 startups (such as AirBnB, MailChimp, Heroku, ZenDesk, Square, and others) and analyze their use of color.

The guide looks at how 10 startups use color

I also explain why color scheme generators like Kuler are pretty much useless when it comes to picking colors for a site or app, and can even be counter-productive.

How To Get It

I’m giving this eBook away for free,  and all I’m asking in exchange is that you give my weekly newsletter a try (you’ll receive a link to download the book when you sign up).

If you’re interested in design and marketing, I really think you won’t regret signing up. For example, the last issue was about 7 blog post ideas for content marketing, and people called it “absolutely fantastic“.

So to get the Color Theory for Startups eBook, just sign up to my newsletter. Signing up will barely take 10 seconds, and of course you can always unsubscribe from the newsletter after the first issue (although I hope to convince you not to!).


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