Here’s a couple projects that I created, or am involved with.


Folyo is a site that helps startups find great freelance designers. I launched it in September 2011 after realizing that startups don’t always know where to look to find good designers to work with.

Folyo brings a simple solution: a company submits a project, and their offer is sent to a mailing list of about 300 designers, who can then contact the company if they’re interested.


Locomotive is a new and innovative open-source CMS for Rails that I’m working on together with Didier Lafforgue, the lead developer (I take care of the design).

A lot of open-source project suffer from, umm, less-than-optimal design, so we wanted to buck the trend and create a CMS that you’d actually enjoy using.


Patternify is a simple javascript tool to generate pixel patterns. The really cool part is that it’ll give you a Base64 code snippet that you can include in your CSS right away! Say goodbye to Photoshop!

Attack of Design

Attack of Design is my other blog. I wrote most of my content on it before deciding to switch back to the site you’re currently on. The blog was pretty successful, making the front page of Hacker News a couple times, and even being picked up by the Smashing Network.

Design Resources Search Engine

The DRSE is a Google Custom Search Engine that searches across tons of design sites exclusively. Very handy to find free vectors, textures, or icons.

Design by the Numbers

A short presentation on the numbers of web design that I did at the second Paris Hacker News meetup.