From #CodeYear to #DiscoverMeteorDay


Two years ago, I was coincidentally involved in the making of one of the most viral sites of all time.

When I opened Photoshop to design the CodeYear landing page, I definitely wasn’t expecting things to blow up like this. After all, even New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg famously signed up to learn to code (which should come in handy now that he’s out of a job).

Yes We Can (Code)

A few months later, I wrote Please Learn to Code to explain why I thought initiatives like CodeYear were important, and this post too went viral, hitting the top spot on Hacker News and spreading across Twitter. And today, it turns out President Obama is saying the same thing as part of the #HourOfCode operation.

And in the meantime I ended up writing Discover Meteor, a book that – you guessed it – teaches people how to code. So although I didn’t plan it this way, it sort of all fits together.


So I’m proud to announce the next step in my “World Domination Through Teaching To Code” masterplan: Discover Meteor Day.

Discover Meteor Day is a long name for a simple thing: on Saturday, December 14th, you’ll be able to read the whole book online for free for the first time ever.

Head over to the Discover Meteor blog for more details. And I hope to see you online on Saturday!


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